PVIF 100% Full Port Plug Valves


    The VSI Waterworks’ PVIF Plug valve is the natural full 100% port version of the PVI. Unlike many manufacturers, the PVIF is not an “upsized” valve. Instead each size was engineered to meet the best possible flow conditions and manufactured using separate molds from the PVI. Like the PVI, it features an eccentric plug that is fully encapsulated with a choice of resilient materials, assuring a corrosion-free life. A solid corrosion resistant metal seating surface is welded to the body to prevent pitting and subsequent leaking. The bolted cover and bonnet allows the entire valve to be rebuilt without removing the valve from the line. Sizes 4” and up are equipped with an open bonnet that permits packing adjustment and replacement without the need to remove the operator. A standard ISO 5211 or MSS SP-101 actuator attachment makes automation a painless experience. Valves in this line are designed and constructed to meet and exceed AWWA C517.