Butterfly Valve Double/Triple Offset with Replaceable Seat/Seal, 8-72 inch (Series BFIII)


The VSI Waterworks’ BFIII Butterfly is the ultimate flow control valve for waterworks systems in line sizes from 8” to 72”. The resilient seat is held on the disc by a single piece retainer made of a choice of corrosion resistant materials. The body mounted seating surface is constructed of a solid piece of corrosion resistant material that is also field replaceable. The rebuildable nature of this valve makes it perfect for throttling of line media with abrasive characteristics. Valves in this line are designed and constructed to meet and exceed AWWA C504. With the ever rising cost of valve actuation, choosing a valve like the VSI Waterworks BFIII will outlast the actuation driving it-making this the most efficient path.